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New and Old at Pack Expo 2018

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

It was an expo of the old and new for Fuji Robotics.

We had our robots in two booths – one at our oldest distributor’s and one at our newest distributor’s. American-Newlong (American-newlong.com), who installed the first Fuji palletizing robot way back in 1986, had a booth in the North hall. Gary Wells and his crew (Jerry Buchanen, Brian, and Scott) had an EC-201 setup running a bag palletizing simulation. Jerry, creative genius that he is, put some blue LED’s in the robot body, really making it stand out. We usually say that it isn’t the best-looking robot on the market, but those LED’s made me question that statement.

This was also my first time to meet the ANL crew in person; usually it’s just phone calls and e-mails. They’re a good group with lots of stories and experience, and I can’t wait to get down to their facility to meet everyone else.

In the East hall, we had a robot in our newest partner’s booth, Palmer Canning (www.palmercanning.com). Palmer Canning specializes in making equipment for the craft beer and alcoholic beverages industry and is shooting to be the one-stop shop for automation of your line. This drew them to Fuji, as we can offer them the strong product and support to automate their customers’ end-of-line operations. Having an EC-201 in their booth helped to draw a lot of interest, which will help kick this partnership off in the right way. A big thanks to Mike, Susan, and Spencer for their hard work getting Pack Expo ready and for representing us this year. We look forward to working on many projects together.

After all the walking around McCormick Place (Almost 40,000 steps in two days!), it’s good to settle back into routine and keep building on what we’ve done. Here’s to another successful Pack Expo for Fuji Robotics!