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About Fuji Robotics


Fuji Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd, founded in 1944 in Japan, devotes to development and manufacturing of robotic palletizing systems. Today, over 15,000 robots have been sold all over the world.


Our company has taken 63% market share in robotic palletizing industry of Japan and more than 20% market share in the world palletizer robot industry. Therefore, Fuji Robotics is the No.1 manufacturer of robotic palletizers worldwide.

The Fuji Advantage

When getting a Fuji robot, you're not just getting a robot.  You're getting a partner in improving the end of your line.  Our team has decades of experience in industrial automation and will work hard to ensure that your Fuji robotic palletizer and surrounding system are the best fit for your facility and goals.

Fuji staff will work with you to pinpoint your bottle necks in production, labor issues, and layout.  We will use this information to design the system and then match you up with one of our trusted integrators.


Our relationship with our end-users won't stop there.  We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring the install goes well and having our support engineers available to make sure your production keeps moving, saving you money and headaches.

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