Getting products from one place to another with as little human contact as possible is becoming an imperative for businesses as many companies adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, seeking to minimize the risk of infections to their employees and customers.

Fuji Robotics is looking forward to helping you out, especially now when a labor shortage is already putting pressure on companies to find ways to run their business with less people.

There are still a lot of areas where humans are needed in logistic facilities. If the number of staff in warehouses is restricted to prevent transmission of coronavirus, that could limit your production capacity and turn it into lost sales opportunities.

This is a time where the incentives for automation have gone up. There may be a drop in demand from automakers as the pandemic depresses sales of automobiles across the globe, and the logistics sector could make up for that decline.

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We in Fuji appreciate our employees and would like to share their experiences working with us. We intend to post once per month the story of one of our employees, so you get to know more about our personnel and company. Fuji Robotics is an international company with presence in several countries. We are used to work in a multinational environment and believe we can benefit from each other.


Kouhei Ono


Application Engineer Manager

Place of birth:

Sendai, Japan


Material Science and Engineering

Working for Fuji since:


Kouhei started to work for Fuji Robotics back in 2001 in Yamaguchi, Japan. He was quickly assigned to Fuji Europe as Application Engineer in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Dusseldorf (Germany). Kouhei developed applications and installed palletizing robots in Europe for 10 years to later be relocated in Japan.

Back in Japan, Kouhei became engineering manager for the Oversea Business Department providing support to all our branch offices. He had the chance to travel around Asia commissioning new projects and giving technical assistance when needed.

Now Kouhei is starting a new role in Fuji Robotics Americas as Application Engineer Manager and he's eager to train newer generations to pass on all the know-how he acquired during all these years.

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After reviewing March & then April's sales numbers we have noticed a large sales increase compared to 2019. Back in March when lock down/quarantine was first announced I was rather skeptical & cautious from a sales perspective. But as April 1st rolled into April 2nd, I noticed a spike in quote requests and from prospects that I or the team had quoted going back 3 years ago. It quickly became clear that all of the quotes & purchase orders were coming from the food producers.

The geographic trend was as if I was watching the spread of this horrific virus roll across the Nation. The requests started in early April with East Coast States and then moved to the Midwest and then out West. Fuji’s main customer base is the food industry but for two months we had nothing but food producer, which was unique.

I believe these trends will only increase if not accelerate as food manufacturers begin slowing down and conduct a self-assessment of the past couple months. Automation is a clear path to assure your business will not have worker shortages, or output does not get slowed. Now, it is just working out the logistics of installation and timing but that is for the next post on some ideas and things to consider.

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