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Bag Palletizing

Our Fuji palletizers are specialized for sack handling. Choose from one of our preloaded palletizing patterns and achieve an output up to 30 bags/minute

Case Palletizing

Cases and Boxes is also  an area of our expertise.  Choose a gripper with auto width adjustment to handle  different kinds of products at the same time. Pick up more than 1 product at once to increase the output of your production line.

Vacuum Palletizing

Vacuum grippers adapt to any kind of need. You can palletize or depalletize many different products just with one End Effector saving you money and troubles in the long run.

jugs of water.png

Water Jugs Palletizing

Fuji Ace robots are flexible and can handle multiple types of products. Jugs of water could be easily palletized by our robots at a high rate.

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