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Not only does Fuji Robotics provide you with palletizing robots, but we also help you from the very beginning of your project, sketching the layout, fine tuning your robot, giving after sales services,  until the end of life of your robotic palletizer.

Predefined Layouts

Fuji's 38 years of expertise as a system integrator allowed us to develop the most common layouts for any kind of facilities. It doesn't matter if you have several pallets and infeed conveyors, we already provide you with a pre-defined solution for your needs 

End Effectors

Fuji also provides you with a standard solution for End Effectors. Just give us your product specifications and we will find the ideal Gripper to suit your needs.

Study Cases

Bagging OEM Taps Robotics to Automate Operations

Find out how American-Newlong adapted its equipment to solve a workforce problem for its customers and enter new markets.

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