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After reviewing March & then April's sales numbers we have noticed a large sales increase compared to 2019. Back in March when lock down/quarantine was first announced I was rather skeptical & cautious from a sales perspective. But as April 1st rolled into April 2nd, I noticed a spike in quote requests and from prospects that I or the team had quoted going back 3 years ago. It quickly became clear that all of the quotes & purchase orders were coming from the food producers.

The geographic trend was as if I was watching the spread of this horrific virus roll across the Nation. The requests started in early April with East Coast States and then moved to the Midwest and then out West. Fuji’s main customer base is the food industry but for two months we had nothing but food producer, which was unique.

I believe these trends will only increase if not accelerate as food manufacturers begin slowing down and conduct a self-assessment of the past couple months. Automation is a clear path to assure your business will not have worker shortages, or output does not get slowed. Now, it is just working out the logistics of installation and timing but that is for the next post on some ideas and things to consider.

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