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  • Bob Zwolinski

Fuji Robotics delivers your goods untouched by people amid pandemic

Getting products from one place to another with as little human contact as possible is becoming an imperative for businesses as many companies adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, seeking to minimize the risk of infections to their employees and customers.

Fuji Robotics is looking forward to helping you out, especially now when a labor shortage is already putting pressure on companies to find ways to run their business with less people.

There are still a lot of areas where humans are needed in logistic facilities. If the number of staff in warehouses is restricted to prevent transmission of coronavirus, that could limit your production capacity and turn it into lost sales opportunities.

This is a time where the incentives for automation have gone up. There may be a drop in demand from automakers as the pandemic depresses sales of automobiles across the globe, and the logistics sector could make up for that decline.

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