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Fuji's people: Kouhei Ono

We in Fuji appreciate our employees and would like to share their experiences working with us. We intend to post once per month the story of one of our employees, so you get to know more about our personnel and company. Fuji Robotics is an international company with presence in several countries. We are used to work in a multinational environment and believe we can benefit from each other.


Kouhei Ono


Application Engineer Manager

Place of birth:

Sendai, Japan


Material Science and Engineering

Working for Fuji since:


Kouhei started to work for Fuji Robotics back in 2001 in Yamaguchi, Japan. He was quickly assigned to Fuji Europe as Application Engineer in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Dusseldorf (Germany). Kouhei developed applications and installed palletizing robots in Europe for 10 years to later be relocated in Japan.

Back in Japan, Kouhei became engineering manager for the Oversea Business Department providing support to all our branch offices. He had the chance to travel around Asia commissioning new projects and giving technical assistance when needed.

Now Kouhei is starting a new role in Fuji Robotics Americas as Application Engineer Manager and he's eager to train newer generations to pass on all the know-how he acquired during all these years.

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